Mis Ganancias Contract Agreement

1. Preface


  • This client agreement (the “Agreement”)is entered by and between Paywot Co Ltd (the “Company”) and the person and/or legal entity (Mis Ganancias) that has applied to open a trading account at the Company’s trading platform (the “Client”), according to the terms and conditions detailed in this agreement.
  • Trade Investments (“Trading”), means that a contract is being created which gives the Client the right to estimate the direction of change in price of an underlying asset, within a certain time frame determined by the Company. This trading instrument is different from trading in trading in ‘options’ in a traditional way, since there is a fixed return that is determined at the outset of the trade, such as: there is usually no Stop-trade order and other features.


2. The Trading Account


  • Account Opening – Client may apply for an account through the Company’s website and the Company will accept such account opening application (the “Trading Account”) under the following terms: (i) the Company has received confirmation that the Client has agreed to enter into this Agreement (such confirmation can be made by checking the “I AGREE” button or link on the Company’s Internet website (the “Website”), followed by a completed application form (if applicable) and all other Client’s information required by the Company to be provided. The Client confirms that Client’s information is full, accurate and complete. If there is a change in the information provided by the Client, the Client must notify the Company immediately of any such change.
  • Usage of the Trading Platform is done through the Account, by a limited license provided by the Company to the Client. The license is personal, non-transferable and is for persons who are older than 18 years old (or older legal age, if the law applicable to the Client’s jurisdictions requires a higher legal age) and subject to this Agreement. The Client will not transfer, assign, or enable other to make any use of the license, and/or give the Clients access codes to the Trading Account to anyone. Any damage caused to the Client, the Company and any third party due to breach of this Agreement by Client, shall be under the Client’s sole responsibility.
  • Activation of the Trading Account – The Account will be activated as soon as the Company has identified the funds credited by the Client to the Trading Account. The Company may activate the Trading Account and permit trading in the Trading Account subject to such limitations, and to the satisfaction of such further requirements as the Company may impose. Where a Trading Account is not activated or is frozen, no funds held by the Company in respect of that Trading Account may be transferred back or to any other person until the Company is satisfied that all Applicable Regulations have been complied with.
  •  The Client hereby represents and warrants that his engagement with the Company in this Agreement and his use of the Company’s services are in full compliance with the law applicable to the Client.

3. The Transactions


  • The Client authorizes the Company to rely and act on any order, request, instruction or other communication given or made (or purporting to be given or made) by the Client or any person authorized on the Client’s behalf, without further inquiry on the part of the Company as to the authenticity, genuineness authority or identity of the person giving or purporting to give such order, request, instruction or other communication. The Client will be responsible for and will be bound by all obligations entered into or assumed by the Company on behalf of the Client in consequence of or in connection with such orders, requests, instructions or other communication.
  • Cancel Feature Abuse – Company offers a special cancellation feature that allows traders to cancel a trade within a few seconds of execution. Abuse of the cancellation feature can be considered market arbitrage and can result in forfeiture of profits. Company reserves the right to cancel a position if the cancellation feature is abused. The acceptable cancellation percentage cannot exceed 25% of the total number of executed trades. Cancelling more than 25% of the total number of executed trades is considered abuse of this feature and resulting profits may be forfeited from such abuse.


4. Margin


  •  The Client may transfer funds to the Company with different methods of payment as permitted by the Company from time to time and in any currency (acceptable by the Company), and such funds will be converted and managed in the Trading Platform in US Dollars and/or Euro and/or GBP and/or CAD and/or AUD, as determined by the Company, according to an exchange rate determined by the Company’s according to the available market rates.
  • When making a bank transfer, the Client must send the Company an authentic SWIFT confirmation, stating full bank account details and proof that the bank account is registered under its name. Non-delivery of the SWIFT confirmation or in case that the details do not conform to the Client’s details registered at the Company may result in the funds not being credited to the Client’s Trading Account.
  •  Repayment of any funds by the Company to the Client will be in the same currency and to the same account/credit card from which the funds were originally transferred, unless the Company has decided, by its own discretion, to return the funds to a different account of the Client.
  • The Client declares that all funds that it transfers to the Company do not derive from any criminal or other illegal activity and without any violation of any applicable anti money laundering laws and regulations.
  • The Client will have no claim against the Company and will not hold the Company responsible for any delay and/or differences originating from a credit company’s, banks or other financial institutions rates calculation and/or commission and/or any other debit.
  • Withdrawals – In case the Client gives an instruction to withdraw funds from the Trading Account, the Company shall pay the specified amount (less any transfer charges, if applicable) once a duly instruction has been accepted and at the moment of payment, the Client’s margin requirements have been met. Withdrawal procedure takes 2-7 business days for bank wire transfers and 24 hours for crypto transfers once Client’s documentation submitted and approved.
  • A trading volume of deposit $5,000 X 200 is required in order to make a withdrawal and also bonus amount $5,000 X 50 to withdraw the Bonus.

5. No Advice


  • The Client represents that it has been solely responsible for making its own independent appraisal and investigations into the risks of any Transaction. The Client represents that it has sufficient knowledge, sophistication and experience to make its own decision of the merits and amount of capital to carry out any Transaction.
  • Mis Ganancias acknowledges that the Company shall not be liable for any losses, costs, expenses or damages suffered by the Client arising from any inaccuracy or mistake in any information provided by Mis Ganancias.
  • The Company is under no obligation to assess the appropriateness of any Transaction for a Client, to assess whether or not the Client has the necessary knowledge and experience to understand the nature of and risks associated with the Transactions. All risks related to the above are under the sole responsibility of the Client.
  • Any tax applying on the Client and/or results from the Client’s trading activity, including trading profits, shall be under the Client’s full and sole responsibility. The Client shall personally report and pay any personal, federal, state and local tax liability he is obligated to, if applied. The Company serves as a mediator only and does not collect deduct, pay or withhold tax from the Client.

6. Procedures & Requirements

  • Client must create a corporate account under the name Mis Ganancias is created on Paywot, your company must meet all compliance protocols and must be APPROVED then your account is free to access demo investment. You may invest any amount ranging from $100 to $500 in demo plan.
  • After demo is completed within 7 days, a video verification via a video call would be initiated to access that the individual is affiliated with Mis Ganancias.
  • To operate Corporate Investment Account , Mis Ganancias  agrees to funds their trading account with any amount of their choice within the threshold amount for Corporate Investment; which has minimum deposit of $500,000 and maximum $1,000,000 threshold
  • Mis Ganancias will need to meet all satisfactory and further requirements in other to qualify for Pro Corporate Investment Account which has minimum threshold of $1,000,000 and up to $50,000,000.

In addition, we are AML compliance company, therefore we have KYC requirements. The following combination of company information is required for KYC verification;

  • Company name, contacts
  • Company certificate, registration number, tax ID number etc.

We care about your needs, because as you succeed, we succeed, hence we make it our ultimate priority to make sure you succeed, hence why we take into account every possible details necessary guaranteed to get you success. For further information and assistance, do not hesitate to contact us via our website live chat.

We wish you successful trade Investment!

I _____________________________________ on this day ___________________ agrees to be bound by the provisions made in this contract agreement and agree to be of good conduct with the best of my knowledge.

Sign here _____________________