Affiliate marketing has become a key source of online income for many tech-oriented millennials and marketers. Today forex CPA marketing offers some of the highest type of compensation and now, more than ever, it’s easier to meet a sustained income solely through affiliate marketing. As a forex affiliate marketer you need to be able to promote CPA offers on the right channels such as social media, forums and blogs, as well as multiple ad networks and other traffic sources. As a forex affiliate, it is also important to keep up with the latest affiliate marketing trends in order to be able to make the most out of your target audience and increase your commissions. So what are the hottest forex affiliate marketing trends for 2019?

1. Influencer Marketing Continues To Rise
Influencer marketing has become a vital digital discipline and has a big influence on any kind of affiliate marketing, but that’s especially true when it comes to forex and CFD trading. Because of the nature of online trading, influencers such as independent traders, market analysts, trading educators etc, can have an immense appeal and can attract quality traffic looking to learn more about online trading. If you don’t want to have the public exposure, you can always work with a number of influencers who can help you reach new audiences with your marketing efforts.

What’s important to remember when it comes to this relatively new marketing source is that authenticity always wins. As prospective clients are increasingly becoming distrusting of advertising and marketing, the great majority states that transparency is an important factor when deciding which broker to support. This number is even higher among millennials. Since people place more trust in humans than in brands, influencer marketing has been, and still is, trending up. Authentic content, generated voluntarily by fellow traders, is always a safe bet for forex affiliate marketers.

2. The Wealth Niche Is Still Strong
Wealth and Money was and probably always will be amid the 8 most profitable niche for affiliates. In 2019, millennials will be looking to invest. So the topic of online trading and its profit making potential are concepts that attract audiences. The more informational your website or online presence is on the risks and opportunities involved in online trading and the more thorough and unique your content is, the more traffic it will attract. What is more, if your content is supported by experts and professionals in their respective fields, your reviews, articles, videos or tutorials can be visited by thousands of prospective traders every day.

3. Social Media & Live Streaming
With an average of 3.2 billion global social media users, amounting to 42% of the global population, there’s no denying that social media holds immense potential. With numbers like that, social medias’ significance to online marketing cannot be ignored. Social media has become embedded in almost everyone’s daily life. Understanding the changes implemented in the social networks is therefore essential for affiliate marketers. And these can change a lot. The most popular social trends in 2019 and onwards are video, automation, live streaming and, as we already mentioned, influencers.

Live Streaming in particular, presents a dynamic and highly effective new communication tool used by a great number of influencers and marketers. Live Streaming is expected to dominate in 2019 and beyond. According to Go-Globe, currently live streaming accounts for two-thirds of all internet traffic. By 2020, it’s expected to account for 82 percent of all internet traffic!

What you should remember as an affiliate marketer is that dominating a single platform is not enough anymore. Your leads on Facebook are not on YouTube, and those on YouTube are different to those reading the content on your website. As such, the key to your success is to repurpose your content across multiple platforms relevant to your forex audience.

4. Quick Answers
Originally launched in 2014, Quick Answers are snippet-style listings of questions and answers in Google’s search results. When you search for a how-to question on Google, you’ll typically find them between the first sponsored and first organic listing. Savvy marketers, however, are now generating web content with the goal of appearing in Google’s Quick Answers. As forex affiliate marketers, what’s important to remember is that there are a lot of specific trading related questions that have not yet been defined in quick answers. This means that Google’s Quick Answers could be a great way to attract highly targeted organic traffic.

5. Micro-Moments Are Taking Over A Consumer Journey
Today’s consumers are bombarded by content, ads, offers, emails, push notifications and everything else. As the information load continues to grow on the web, users look for quick ways to find easy, concise and clear answers to their questions. It’s all about fast info consumption through brief videos, audio and key points. As an average individual already spends more than three and a half hours per day on their smartphone, brands and marketers have an increasingly harder time attracting the attention of their audience. That’s where micro-moment marketing steps in. The micro-moment is a new type of consumer behavior, which occurs when people reflexively turn to a device, usually a smartphone, to act on a need to learn something, do something, get to know something or buy something.

There are a lot of different types of micro-moments such as I-want-to-know moment, I-want-to-go-moment, I-want-to-do moment or I-want-to-buy moment. According to Google’s content marketing team, on average, Think with Google, users experience “micro-moments” 150 times a day. Why are micro-moments so important? Because people, in general, make instant decisions on what to buy, where to invest or what to learn more about during these very brief moments; which in turn gives you a window of opportunity of only a few seconds to catch their attention! Micro-moments work, because they provide consumers with the right information exactly when they need it. Ultimately, the whole consumer decision journey is a combination of these micro-moments across all channels and devices. The successful forex marketers of tomorrow will be those who are able to meet their audience’s needs in these micro-moments.


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