Any forex affiliate marketer who uses social media campaigns will know that social networks have a great deal of issues when it comes to forex marketing. To begin with, determining social media ROI in forex affiliate marketing is next to impossible. There’s also the myriads of obvious — but not so obvious, social media pitfalls that you need to avoid.


Yet the money spent on social media advertising is on the rise, especially when it comes to online products like forex trading. So it’s pretty fair to say that social media seems to be working well for forex affiliate marketers, and even though there are definitely major migrations to new social media channels, audiences are increasingly active on social media.


So the question we should really be asking here is: How can you use social media to your advantage as a forex affiliate marketer?



There are tons of social networks available to target trading related traffic, but as a Forex partner you definitely need to consider which are the best ones to run your ads or publish your content on. The social media platforms that you choose to use need to have a pre-existing audience interested in online forex and CFD trading. Channels like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are used by a healthy number of people interested in forex, finance and overall investing. Instagram and Telegram are also increasing in popularity, especially when it comes to forex affiliates who work as signal providers. Once you find your key channels, it is crucial to set up your account and profiles correctly, as social media channels can be a source of both organic and paid traffic.



A huge part of your success lies in your ability to avoid wasting time on campaigns that will not generate valuable leads.This means that you need to promote your offering in a unique and engaging manner. It’s also always useful to check what’s trending in the social media world at the moment. It’s also wise to keep an eye on the competition. What are other forex affiliates doing at the moment to attract potential clients on behalf of their broker? Are they offering trading alerts, educational courses or unique tools that alert traders to market opportunities?



Targeting your audience is also a crucial part of your campaign-setting process, so you will need to take into consideration what would be the key demographics, interests,  age, etc. of your potential forex traffic. This will enable you to tailor ads around a specific user base. Looking at the competition will also help you target the right audience segments.



It’s a common saying that there’s no way to have an online marketing campaign without a brand-new landing page. Most forex affiliate marketers would agree, but few would hang the success of a whole marketing campaign on a single landing page. There’s probably going to be a whole host of content, optimized websites, and paid ads.



Social data can help forex affiliate marketers make all the choices that matter to the creation and performance of marketing materials and assets. With something as simple as an Instagram post, social data can determine the theme, the setting, the filter, the time of day when the content is released, and probably the piece of content that gets released before that post, and the one after.



Even if you’re new to forex affiliate marketing, you’re probably aware that you have to test your ads to see how well they are performing and more importantly, how they can be improved. At the very least, you need to see the weak points of your ad campaign and get ideas what to do about them. When you go back to analyze your campaigns, it’s precisely social data that’s going to give you the feedback you need to pack more punch into your social ads!



Social data can do a lot to ensure a successful launch of a marketing campaign. However, it’s only useful if the marketer knows how and where to look for data, which data is useful, and how to analyze it. At the end of the day, you can use social media for your affiliate campaign as much or as little as you want to, but the truth is that it’s impossible to disregard social networks completely.


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