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Optimised Converstion Rates

May 10, 2020 - May 16, 2024

As the Paywot brand continues to grow and expand, we focus on giving clients more by making sure that they enjoy absolute flexibility when it comes to their online transactions. To achieve this we continuously invest in new innovations and partnerships with top-tier payment providers that enable us to provide our traders with greater ease of access and a smoother experience when it comes to their trading transactions.

With our latest venture to South East Asia, we have recently introduced a number of new payment methods to help accommodate the needs of our new audience. These include online banking via Safecharge and other payment methods such as bitcoin, ethereum, visa and master card, wire transfer and Payment Asia for clients coming from China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

In a continuously evolving forex and CFD trading arena, Paywot seeks to maintain its competitive advantage by offering its clients variety, transparency and security when it comes to payment methods. Deposits, transfers and withdrawals with Paywot are quick, intuitive, secure and free, giving the client the flexibility to complete their transaction via a number of local and international payment methods. Paywot charges 0 fees on deposits and they are only %5 withdrawal fees for any transactions below 20,000 EUR.

Working with a number of reputable electronic payment systems has enabled us to substantially increase our inflow of clients who enjoy the possibilities offered by electronic funds. While offering a broad range of deposit methods helps us optimise our conversion rates by ensuring that clients have a smooth experience and are able to quickly and easily fund their accounts; giving clients a fast and pain-free experience when it comes to withdrawals also helps us cement our market reputation and expand client loyalty and lifetime value. Clients with a positive experience are more likely to keep trading in the long run and refer Paywot to their acquaintances. For Paywot Partners, this translates to longer referral lifetime value, a more solid business network and of course more lucrative returns.

Looking to the future, Paywot commits to continuously invest in new technologies and partnerships with top tier payment gateway providers which will in turn help solidify our presence in new and emerging markets.


May 10, 2020
May 16, 2024
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