Our Strategy

01. Our investment Strategy

How do we generate your returns?

We Buy or Sell hundreds of CFD assets including major, minor and exotic forex pairs, metals, energies, indices, cryptocurrencies, real estate, oil & gas, agriculture, health sector and shares of the world's biggest companies. We trade at some of the tightest spreads available, and enjoy ultra-low trading costs, advanced execution, exclusive analysis tools and world-class market research by our professional traders and market analysts. We access 250+ underlying instruments from our 5 asset classes at some of the most competitive conditions.

50+ Forex Pairs

We have immediate access to over 50 currency pairs CDFs. We trade all the major, many of the minors and a selection of exotic pairs.

20+ Cryptocurrencies

We choose from our large range of world leading crypto pairs, for a chance to capitalize on this emerging market. 24/7 trading available.

Crypto Mining

Using world class solar powered antminers, we engage in advance mining, using modern day technology, users can connect to our pool and mine btc without any restrictions.

140+ Equities

We trade hundreds of shares of some of the best-performing companies listed on 4 international exchanges.

5+ Commodities

We choose from a wide range of commodity CFDs at our disposal. We trade gold, oil, natural gas and more.

Oil & Gas

The industry takes into account the profit margins of a number of companies, including Diamond Offshore Drilling.

Real Estate

We invests in real estate with high growth potential in major markets with solid fundamentals to avoid potential bubbles.

Agricultural Investment

We manage over $167 million of agricultural farmland assets on behalf of its institutional investors, including public and private plans.

Over $12.9B Asset Classes From Leading Exchanges in the Best Conditions

We access one of the largest and most liquid markets in the world! We trade more than 250 instruments on our world-leading trading platforms and generate profit for you.  Register for a trading account in just a few simple steps, practice trading on a demo environment with and enjoy an unparalleled experience with our user-friendly portal, fast deposits and withdrawals with a range of trusted payment options.

We believe long-term investment success stems from spotting underlying value, not market timing or gimmicks. We strive to avoid being distracted by the latest investment fad. Instead of reacting to every short-term movement of the market, we focus on implementing our process. It isn’t hard to decide to invest according to the fundamentals. What’s hard is sticking with it. After all, markets rise and fall. Events happen in the world and in our lives. Hot tips get traded at the club. And even the most experienced investor can be swayed from the course. At Paywot Co Limited, we have spent years developing processes that help keep us focused on long-term strategy. Because there’s no magic that creates a successful investor – it’s about experience, diligence, and attention to detail.

Whether it was timing, your work and due diligence or structuring, your successes were born from an idea. Paywot Co Limited, we are also driven by ideas. Through technical knowledge and understanding to execution, we turn investment ideas into reality. But we not only work to understand market trends, but you as well. We believe in a relationship that actively engages you. Managing market conditions, portfolio expectations & risks – we at Paywot Co Limited strive to prosper with you. This is possible by nurturing a team of astute and technically sound account managers & financial personels. A team grounded with a high sense of responsibility dedicated on earning your trust. Our approach is simple. You.

Since we’re not chasing the next big thing, we disregard short-term market noise and speculation. Instead, we focus on stamina and expertise. Disciplined analysis. Back-testing our assumptions. Selecting money managers with sector strength and the proven ability to deliver long-term results. Of course we closely monitor market movements and stay abreast of changing conditions. But we count on the checks and balances built into our processes to help detach human emotion – especially fear and greed – from our investment decisions and yours. It’s another example of Behavioral Wealth Management in action. Your requirements and objectives are unique to you, and a “one size fits all” service is probably not what you seek. At Paywot Co Limited, we tailor our services to your needs and help you develop a comprehensive wealth management solution.

02. guides

Ready to Get Started?

We have carefully outlined all the steps you need to follow in order to start earning regardless of your knowledge and experience in trading financial instruments.